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NI TestStand

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Communication between User Interface and Teststand Sequence

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i need your help.

My Teststand Sequence is working.


Now i want to make a UserInterface for the workers.

At my teststand i test 10 PCBs (from 0...9) in a loop.


How can i visualize the Status (pass/fail) of each PCB (just with one LED for each PCB) in the User Interface ?

I have created the LEDs but i dont know how to connect it with the TeststandSequenceVariables.


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You could configure your User Interface to handle a UI Message that contains the state of your PCB test results, either combined into an array or singularly and updates the UI accordingly.  You would need to modify the UI to handle the message and also the test sequence or process model to send the message at the appropriate time with the appropriate test result data


There are a load of helpful articles on on the subject, here are a few to start you off. here, here, here and here






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