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I bought PCI6515 during 2005. All these days it was ruining on a Pentium PC with WindowsXP.  Now I want change the PC to the latest one with Windows 10


How should I  go about it? Will the new machine and the old card be OK with each other?


6515 card was communicating with SCC-120 to acquire current data. Will I need to change this as well?


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It looks like the PCI-6515 is still being sold, so I would say it is still supported by DAQmx.  You just need to be careful that your new PC actually has at least 1 PCI slot available.  PCI slots were becoming more rare on motherboards since PCIe has taken over.

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Thanks for the reply.

Will take care about new PC

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If you were able to find a new PC with PCI slots available, please do share. I'm struggling to get one.


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