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CheckExpression error for a Boolean constant

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I have a LabVIEW VI, with ExpressionEdit TestStand control, in which the user will enter some constant or TS expression for a boolean control. I set this text to the ExpressionEditor control using TestStand ActiveX nodes and ValidateEvaluationType. This is working without any issue. The next step will CheckExpression which actually gives error even for correct values. Even when the expression is a simple True or False, the error information is Expected Boolean or String or FALSE or TRUE or ..., found Number {64-bit Floating Point}. How is this possible and how to correct this?



Priyadarsini S

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What is the expression it is giving you this error for? It sounds like it's a number and you aren't including that in the supported types.



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Accepted by topic author Priyadarsini
08-27-2015 04:09 PM

Hi Doug,


I have resolved the issue. I had used Mixed Checkbox as one of the controls & hence added its values (FALSE,TRUE,MIXED) as AdditionalEvaluationConstants to the ExpressionEdit ActiveX control. Since in the next step I enter False for another boolean control, this False is associated with the Mixed Checkbox's Evaluation Constants (which actually is a numeric type) resulting in type mismatch error. Now I have removed the AdditionalEvaluationConstants after the Mixed Checkbox value is selected & now the boolean False/True is detected properly & there is no error. Thank you for your help.



Priyadarsini S

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