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Capture text file in step result



The sub-sequence I have created uses a Call Executable step type to call an application (.exe) with argument's.

One of the argument's is the location of a log file (.txt), to which a few basic details are recorded.


To set the status of the step I use the StdErr and StdOp values. This works fine and gives a true indication of the .exe's



But if the exe encounter's a problem and the step fails, the only useful information as to the cause of failure

can only be found in the log file (.txt).


I would like to incorporate the log file text into the step's result as opposed to having to search and open the text file 

after the sequence has executed.


It would have been very nice if the step's Additional Results had the option to point to and capture .txt file content.


If anyone can suggest a method to capture the log file text and embed the text content along with the step result

in the report, I would be most grateful.








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The easiest Method is to read text file and map to a variable, now the variable will hold the contents of file. if step encounters error map this variable to log as a result.

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