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Cannot access TestStand Property

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I have a Container of data stored under the 'Step' property in TestStand 2013 sequence (same location as the TS, Description and Result properties)  entitled 'Data' which contains various values such as Low_value, Upper_Value etc.


I am trying to construct a custom report generator using LabView (2012) and want to retrieve the values stored in the container, at runtime, and currently have no clue how to reach it. 


Any suggestions gratefully received.





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First of all congratulations on being the only person I know who has ever used TestStand 2013... 🙂


They key is to make sure that you do the result collection properly.  If it doesn't exist in Locals.ResultList then you aren't collecting it properly.  There are several ways to get it into that container.  Here are a few links with some pointers:


Ultimately it boils down to getting your custom data into the result collection.  The way I see it you have several options:

1- custom results

2- set the result flag

3- put it in the result container (custom results)

4- Additional results (still custom results)

5- Explicitly copy it into the result list (I don't like this one)


Let me know if you have any questions,

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Hi jigg

Many thanks for responding to this post; all very useful information.


The problem here is most certainly that the data is not being stored correctly in our environment.


I'm also constrained to not changing anything in the very many existing test sequences; all of which are formally qualified.
'Additional Results' would be a great solution but that would up-issue every custom step we have (lots) and is not feasible.


I think all the data I need is present in the 'Step.Result.ReportText' that I did manage to catch yesterday;
this is formatted text and needs to be cooked with a bit of LabView to get it back to a useful form.


I can meddle with the model but thats about it.

I do like your non preferred and rather messy idea to explicitly copy the errant container to the 'resultlist'
and am quite sure this would be an acceptable work round and much better than cooking the ReportText.


I'm guessing that the 'ProcessModelPostStep' callback would be an ideal place to achieve this.
Sadly I'm now struggling with appending the problematic 'Step.Data' container into the 'Step.Result' container; bit of a learning curve here.


Many thanks

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