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Can you use case statements in Post-Expressions

I'm trying to figure out how to use the Post-Expression like an if else but I'm having difficulty finding a way to implement for cases that have more than just two options.


Anyone ever done this?

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Expressions are just.... expressions. There are no loops, variable declarations, case statements, if/then's, or method definitions.


However, you can use the ? :  conditional operators as a substitute for if/then and case, such as:


Locals.number =
    Locals.string == "A" ? 1 :
    Locals.string == "B" ? 2 :
    Locals.string == "C" ? 3 :



The syntax is:


<boolean> ? <value-if-true> : <value-if-false>

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Yeah, I have a LabVIEW vi that runs the same 9 tests at 3 different voltages, what I was looking to do was use Locals.Index (iterative variable) to determine the ReportText to be written to my datasheet, problem is the ? : only would cover two options, and I need 3 and sometime even more in other tests that perform repetative loops at different voltage levels.


I've come across several posts asking this same question, but they were a few years old, was hoping there was a "new" way that I just had not come across yet.



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Can you use multiple ? operators to get more than two options? The example I included did that.

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I'll have to give it a try, but I had already re-coded my program before I got your response, but I thought I had tried a version of this method and TestStand kept throwing evaluation errors because of the ?, which is what sent me to the discussion forums.



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