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Can't change Adapter from C/C++ DLL to Labview

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I'm new to TestStand and I have a program that includes 8 supplier designed steps that call DLLs.  On 7 of them I can change the Adapters (under properties - General - Adapter and select from the drop down list).  I can select several different types of Adaptors including Labview.

My problem is that on 1 of them, under the Adapter list it only shows C/C++ DLL !!

I'm sure there is a setting somewhere (believe I've seen it before) that has restricted the Adaptor - I need to change it to Labview.

The step is a Property Loader (supplier designed) that uses a DLL module - it's a bit different to a regular Property Loader.

Does anyone know where this setting is that will allow me to select Labview under the Adapter?  I've already checked Configure Adaptors and that looks  fine.

Many thanks


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See Designate an Adapter.

To access this dialog, right-click custom step definition and select Properties.

Michał Bieńkowski

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Thank you - that was a great help! That took me to:

To access the built-in properties of a step type:

  1. Navigate to the types view using the View » Types menu, or the shortcut key Ctrl + T
  2. Right click the step type, then select Properties… to launch the properties window
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