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Calling Teststand API from Powershell



What I want to accomplish is to change the sequence file version of all sequence files in a folder from a powershell script. Reason why I want to use powershell is that this operation is part of a visual studio build process which is using powershell as its post build script.


With my limited knowledge I have the feeling that this should be possible since powershell is able to load .net assemblies and com-objects, but I have not succeeded to get this to work. Cannot find any direct examples of this either.


Any help that could lead me in the right direction is greatly appreciated.


Teststand 2013

Powershell 3

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Could you please explain what you have tried so far? And what exactly do you mean you have not succeeded in getting this to work? Does it not do anything at all, or does it give an error? Screenshots are always helpful.

Jason H
Automated Test Software R&D
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