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Call executable argument with multiple expressions

I'm using the "call executable" step type in TS 4.2.  My normal command line works with windows [sflashldr com1 w 0 config.cfg binary.bin] where the bin file flashes my chip according to the cfg.  I think that this is a multiple argument expression... TestStand returns "cannot open file".


How should the argument expression be configured?

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Hi mcnearymw,


Is that the whole error message? If not it would be useful for us to see the entire error message.

Also have you seen this White Paper? It might give you a better idea of how the Call Executable step works in TestStand. 

Rachel M.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Did you think about paths  ? I guess on the windows  command line you do a "cd"  to the directory, where your files are located before executing the command. Without that  ( when using the call executable step) you will have to add paths.

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What does your argument expression look like?



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I have the same problem.  Maybe I making simple mistake, but I can run this command with its arguments from the windows commandn line, but it will not work in Teststand 2014.  What is wrong with my test step properties?  The arguments are correct for open OCD, I can run this exact command from the command line.




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nevermind, my standard error tab was configured wrong.  Ignore my previous post.

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