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Call executable - How to keep .exe running in cmd



I have a Teststand sequence (2017) like following:



The goal is:


In step "Start_iperfServer_DUT1" a .exe tool is started in cmd by call execuable.


After running of next step "Start_iperfClient_DUT1", .exe tool returns the response in cmd. And the response should be saved in a parameter (use Store in Variable/Property).



But the Problem is step "Start_iperfClient_DUT1" will only be executed after step "Start_iperfServer_DUT1" finished. That means .exe tool was already closed. So the response can also not be taken.


Anyone have ideal how to solve this problem? Thanks


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Hi johnsnow34,


Would setting your Call Executable steps to not to wait, see below, help?


CMD Option.JPG





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