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Call Vision Builder 2014 AI from TestStand 2014.

I need info on how to run Vision Builder 2014 AI from TestStand 2014

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Have you looked into this document?


Running a Vision Builder AI Inspection from TestStand

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Vision Builder AI 2014 also ships with an example showing how to use the Vision Builder AI API in Teststand:

C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\Vision Builder AI 2014\API Examples\TestStand Examples

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Hello jspeedz,

           I did have a look at that doc it didn't address in enough details to my needs. I figured out the process thanks.

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Hello ChristopheC,

          thanks I am looking at the example  now and am sure it will help. 

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That link is dead.

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Hello jb7060405889,

           yes the link is dead. Did you need help with this I have a example TestStand sequnce I can share.

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Sure.  Please share.

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