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Call Executable in Batch Mode runs in Serial

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Hello All,


I'm fairly new to TS but have developed a test program for a product we are building in the factory. I am testing a full panel with 8 images using TS's batch model. My test needs to program each image and run a number of serial commands validating the responses. I am using 8 ST Microelectronics programmers to program each image individually. It is very clear that while all the serial communication is happening in parallel the programming is running in a serial fashion. (i.e. I can watch each socket wait for the previous one to program before it will program) I have thus far tried writing a labview VI to call the executable and used TS's "call executable" step. Any ideas why the executable call to program the unit will not run in parallel?


Here are my code steps for this subsequence:TS Program UUT.JPG

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Hey Lee,


I tested out a simple example of the call executable with the batch model, and didn't have an issue with calling four instances of the command line in parallel in TestStand. I did also add a FileGlobal as an input similar to what you have just to test out what the effects of changing the scope of the file global would be. You can see this property by navigating to Edit >> Sequence FIle Properties. TestStand executions behaved the same regardless of this flag. 


This executable that you're calling - can it interact with multiple inputs at the same time? Is it connected to hardware that forces you to wait until it finishes its task before it can act on the next? 






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Thank you very much for the help. I stripped everything out of my test except the programming sequence and was able to see it call parallel instances of the executable. Then I copied that sequence back into the full test and it appears to be working in parallel now.


Thanks again for the help


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