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CTD and CTA Practice Exams

@Raj.LabviewArchitect wrote:

I have a doubt in the new format of the CTD exam. In the new format, there are some requirements to customize station settings. These modifications are specific to the system and will not get reflected in another system if I submit only my sequence. What is the procedure to submit the code after completion? Should I submit the sequence along with the configuration file? or should I create a deployment along with the configuration file and submit the deployment?

If you look at the practice exam, there is so environmental settings being altered.  It is purely create a sequence.  There is a horrible copy-paste error in the prep guide, so I'm hoping those environment setting requirements are also copy-paste and/or left over from the old exam format.

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The old exam format was multichoice questions. So, there's no chance of copy paste error in the sample question. I'm also attaching the sample question here for quick reference. 


And yes, the sample exam solution had no environmental settings altered and it was just one sequence. I too hope the station setting requirements are just some error in preparing the question. Planning to take the exam within a week. Will update my findings here after the exam.

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I would plan on being able to change your station settings. It's not hard for them to zip up the configuration files with the sequence you submit. Then they can recreate the environment on their end to test it.

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Could someone please post new links to the CTA practice exam?  Since Adobe Flash Player is not longer able to run as of Jan 12, 2021, the original links are inaccessible.

Steven Dusing
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Same question, was looking to use the site for CTA prep. 

Is no longer available. 

If anyone has been able to find way around, kindly inform. 



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Hi Jigg,


I am not able to access the CTA exam site due to the adobe flash player issue. Could you please share the updated link if available.


Thanks in advance,


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Hey Everyone.  I've been super busy.  I'll get to it when I can.  Thanks Adobe... 🙂

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