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CTD and CTA Practice Exams

Thanks ~jiggawax~ !

but I failed the CTD exam today. the questions much difficult than what I have in this example.

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Hello Tokohanz,


Were you able to pass the practice exams with a 100% each time?

Did you fully understand why each answer had the specific answer(s)?

How many times did you fo the practice exams?

Did you also fully understand/go through the first TestStand Manual?
(Check this related to this course:,n24:1334/id/1603/)


Kind Regards,
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If someone helped you, let them know. Mark as solved and/or give a kudo. 😉
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I'm sorry to hear that you didn't pass.  These practice exams are not endorsed nor approved by NI.  They are my own doing.  I don't expect them to reflect exactly what is asked on the actual exam.  


I always explain it like this:  Take 5 different questions and merge them into one and then you'll have a CTD question.  For instance they might merge user management, model callbacks and stationglobals all into one question somehow.


The best advice is to read the TestStand I course manual and completely understand every topic in there.  Then come up with ways in which each topic relates to all the other topics.  Because that's the type of questions you will get on the CTD.  What does the station options dialog have to do with step types?  Somehow they manage to generate questions that link the 2 together.  🙂


Hopefully you can do better next time!

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Thank jiggswax!
I need to read again teststand 1..
Basically, I am not able to answer most of the deployment and process model questions which I not familiar or I seldom do on it...

I will try again
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Thanks jiggawax!


I passed the CTD exam today and wanted to let you know your practice exam was extremely helpful.




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You are welcome!  I'm glad they helped.  Congratulations!!

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Taking the CTD on september 30th.. so please i need some kind of guidance.


i plan on:

-Read  and completely understand the Test Development Course manual(teststand 1). I took the class on december 2013 and so far i have done a lot of teststand at work. but i need to fully understand everything on NI Language.

-Study  the menus and options on every teststand screen.

-take Jiggawax practice examns.


The CTD is just the Course # 1 right?


and CTA is course #2 : Framework Development right?




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I just got my results and I passed my CTD. Thank you jigg!


Preparation was: revising TS1 manual and jigg's practice exams


CTA next 😄

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You are correct about the manuals.  It seems that the CTA follows the manual a lot more closely whereas the CTD will combine a lot of sections from Manual 1.  Also, the CTD tends to go not follow the book as closely.


I would go through the exercises in the manual as well and try to customize them and play around with them.  For me, doing it is the best way to learn.


Good luck!

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So guess who is now a Certified TestStand Developer 🙂


35 out of 40...


The Questions were easy to understand... the given answers were really confusing and tricky.....


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