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CTA Summit

For many years now, there has been a yearly CLA Summit for LabVIEW Architects.  This year we're going to try to replicate some of that success for the TestStand user community.  We'll start small (and hopefully grow from here). 


This means we're going to start a "mini-track" off the CLA Americas summit that is dedicated to TestStand (basically a small CTA summit).  NI R&D has stepped up to help make this happen, as well as a few users willing to help out from the community side, but we're looking for more community involvement (that's what really seems to drive the CLA summit to the success it has had) in the form of any feedback/interest/presenters to help out. 


When: Wednesday Afternoon of the CLA Americas Summit (Sept 20. 2017).  You'll have to choose between the LabVIEW software test lab hackathon event or the TestStand event. 

Topic: We plan to follow the same themes as LabVIEW: Performance and Security.

So far we have commitments from NI R&D to have a features/roadmap discussion, and for a hosted roundtable discussion around security concerns with TestStand applications.... but we're looking for more.

Please respond and let us know if you are interested in presenting (especially on anything related to performance and/or security).  Or even just letting us know you are interested in participating as an attendee will help us get the right number of chairs in the room.


If you need more information about the CLA Summit, it's discussed in the CLA discussion forum here (you do need to be a CLA to access this group)


Right now you need to be a CLA to attend the CLA Summit (and the CTA mini-track summit).  If this is an issue for you please let us know.


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Sounds like a good idea, nice one.  For your "mini track" is attendance limited to CTA's (CLA Summit Requirement aside) or is it open to anyone?

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At this time attendance is for anyone attending the CLA summit that feels they would benefit from attending the TestStand mini-track (expect content to be at a CTA level and not at a "welcome to TestStand").  If you are very interested but the CLA certification requirement for attending the CLA summit is an issue for you, please get in touch and let us know.  Assuming things go well this year (I think it will) and we choose to continue with something similar (or bigger and better) in the future, we may tweak requirements for attendance.

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Unfortunately I won't be able to make it this year, new baby.  Otherwise I would love to present.  I have a few presentations ready to go though.  If I send one of my CTAs maybe they can present?  When would you need to finalize presentations?


I would encourage that in the future they don't compete with CLA and do it a day before or after.  Only because of people wanting to attend both.



~Will work for kudos and/or BBQ~
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Were the presenters able to get their presentation posted in a particular forum?




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Any word on if there will be a CTA summit for 2019?

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NI has decided it is not worth their effort to try to have a CTA summit associated with the CLA summit.

If you want to get together over dinner/lunch hour/other and geek out on TS let me know and I'm game.

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Like Warren said, there hasn't been enough interest to justify a whole track this year, but I'm happy to set up a closed door meeting for anyone who's in town for the CLA Summit and wants to talk TestStand.


There's typically a TestStand User Group meeting during NIWeek. If you're coming to NIWeek this year and would like to attend, feel free to shoot me a DM.
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