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Bug: Find/Replace is not working if statement that contains the string is too long

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in my sequence i press Ctrl + F to open the Find-Dialog and enter a string. All checkboxes are checked in "Elements to search" and "Limit Search to" is not enabled.

What now happens the the find is only listing the find in main sequence.

The other places in a subsequence which are part of a labview-vi-action-parameter are not listed. Also if i open the sequence and search there.


If i create a comment in the subsequence that contains the searchstring then it is found.


When i open the properties of the labview-action and open the parameter that contains the string and click check errors then close everything and search again then the value is found.


Can it be that the variable is too long of the parameter? It is about 200 characters and a very nested thing Of SationGlobals and Array and TestSockets. Thhe search string is finally an arrayindex in this big statement.

It looks like this is the problem.

Is this a known bug?



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There was a blank character at the end of the search string...

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