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Best report format to log all testdata


I need a way to make as much test data as possible avialble for our EMSer to log in their database.

Therefore we want to use a default report format. What is the best report fomat here, ore is it just the format and is the data the same ?


We use Teststand 2010 and Teststand 2014.

Are the default formats the same ?


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The best storage for data is a database.  It can get as big as it needs to and is easy to query.


If that isn't an options then the other defualt report formats (ATML, XML, HTML, TXT) all display the same information.  Text will be the least memory intensive because it doesn't have any markup language.  However, it is the worst to read.  XML and ATML require style sheets to format the data.  So when you send the reports to someone you have to include the style sheet for them.  HTML uses more memory because it needs more tags but is easy to move to other people and looks somewhat decent.


Hope this helps,

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As jiggawax said.. Database



i have mess with xml, text and the database is the best way to keep everything organized. Get help from some software web devolper and he could do a nice inteface to find results

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