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Batchmodel - Reuse of created resultvalues


i have a batchmodel with 5 batches.

Now there is a teststep that gets a value and calculates a new value as output. Now i want to use this new value as an input parameter of an other teststep.

1. Can i simply save the value in locals.value? Or 2. do i have to create an array locals.value[0..4] to save for each batch the value in its own variable?

If variant 1 is working.. is this also valid for the StationGlobals or only for locals?



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Locals are created per execution (per test socket in the batch case) so your option 1 (save the value in locals.value) should work.  StationGlobals are global across everything.  FileGlobals you can choose the scope as described here:


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