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Available memory space on remote computer


I need to know the availalbe memory space on the remote computer I am using with TestStand.

I already used an mscorlib dotnet invocation (DriveInfo.TotalFreeSpace), but it only works with a letter named computer.

But I would like to do so by giving the IP address information.

Do you have any idea please ?



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Hi Thierry,



I'm not sure that on this forum you will have a lot of answer about this question, there is not a real link with TestStand for my point of view.


Here a soft that i found :


Maybe it can help you,


Maxime G. | Application Engineer
National Instruments France

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Thank you Maxime for you answer.


In fact, it's really a question I have with TestStand.

I need to know the remaining memory disk place before launching my acquisitions on the remoted computer to avoid that TestStand felt down if there is not enough space.


Best Regards



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