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Automating Teststand Workspace Creation (.tsw)

Is there a way to automate creating a .tsw TestStand workspace through a command line utility or some other method given a set of sequence files and VIs? I know the deployment utility can automate making a .tsd from a .tsw, but this would help expand the automation process so someone does not have to even create a .tsw file and have just their TestStand development files in one folder for example.  


Also, given a .tsw file, I would like to know what sequence files and Vis are in it. 




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I don't know about through the command line but there is a TestStand API that you can call in to.


For instance Engine.NewWorkspaceFile will create a new file.

Engine.NewPropertyObjectFile(FileType_ProjectFile) will create a new project file.

WorkspaceObject.NewFile(path) will insert a file into the workspace.  You have to create the WorkspaceObject first.


It's not cut and dry but can be done.

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I am not sure about the creation of .tsw files, but if you open TestStand, under Tools there is a Workspace File Documentation option. This will give you either an html or a text file with all the files in your workspace I believe. I'm not sure how to automate this process, although if you look through the program files you can find the sequence that it uses. Perhaps there is some way to automate using that that maybe someone else has seen before.

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