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Automating Repetitive Development Tasks in TestStand

Does your TestStand sequence have three hundred SubSequences that all need the same step added to them?  Do you need to change all of the CVI step adapters to C/C++ DLL step adapter or add the same Local variable to each SubSequence?  I developed automated TestStand sequences using the ActiveX TestStand Engine interface and properties to simplify code generation.


NI Week 2019 Presentation


Two versions of code attached, TestStand 2017SP1 and TestStand 4.2.1.  If you have anything older than TestStand 2017SP1, open the 4.2.1 sequence files and save in your version.


There are two different methods for running these automated code tools; by copying the SubSequence tool into your sequence file noted with a "---- Tools and Utilities Section -----" label, or using the ForEach.seq method.


Tools and Utilities Section pic.JPG



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Thanks for sharing and great presentation!


I also wanted to cross-post the other example you mentioned:



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