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Automated (Update Custom DataType + Apply Cluster Passing Changes) ?

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Hello fellow TestStand user,


I have a subVI that returns a cluster.

I call this subVI in 100+ test sequences.


The issue occurs when I decide to add a new control to the cluster.

Although I used TOOLS > Update VI Calls...> Reload Prototype if modified, I still have to go manually in every sequence and:

    1. Update Custom Datatype.

    2. Apply Cluster Passing Changes.


In LabVIEW if I update a subVI's output cluster, all callers are updated the next time I open them, and all I have to do is Save All, because I used a typedef.

Is there the same feature in TestStand? I takes me an hour to manually update all the calls.


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Quick thought/idea: wrap this vi in a sequence and call it instead. Update shall be easier.

Michał Bieńkowski

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