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Autodetect RunTime Engine using VI version seems to fail

Hi Forum


I am trying to call LabView VIs developed in LabView 2020 32bit and LabView 2019 64bit in one sequence. Unfortunately teststand 2020 64bit seems to be unable to load the LabView VI from LabView 2019 64bit in the runtime nor generate steps with the "other" (inactive) development system at any given time if I choose one in the adapter settings.


The workaround I found is to change the adapter to the development system that i am currently generating tests from, 2019 64bit or 2020 32bit, which enables me to  load the VI and set the LabView Adapter options. To run the sequence I set the LabView adapter to 2020 32bit and select "always run in runtime engine" in the advanced adapter settings of the 64bit steps.


Am I doing something wrong? There must be a better way..


Thanks for any help,


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Hi Raphael,


you cannot call 32 bit LV vis in TestStand 64 bit using Runtime Engine. TestStand 64bit will always run 64 bit LV Engine.

Your workaround is actually an approach suggested by NI. And it works pretty fine.

Use 64-bit TestStand to Execute 32-Bit LabVIEW Code Module - National Instruments (



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