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Auto Login via TestStand UserInterfaces

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Hello everybody,

i´m trying to login a user programmatically during the MainForm_load of the Simple Userinterface.

I tried already
axApplicationMgr.GetEngine.CurrentUser = axApplicationMgr.GetEngine.GetUser(current_user)

but this only changes the user which appear in the login window.

Is it possible to start the login process without showing those login window?

Thanks for advice.

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The login prompt is handled by the FrontEndCallBacks sequence.  You can change the behavior by following this article

Automatically Logging In all Users as Operators in Your TestStand Operator Interface - National Inst...


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You can also use this method if it suits your application ;



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Thank you, ee-jallen, for the link for the article. This solution is not exact what i was looking for but i will try to modifie it to login a specified user.

If i am able to find a solution, i will post it here later.

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Thank you for your advice RaviShrigiri, but our TestSystem will only have one Windows Account for all the user, so this solution don´t work for me.

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Accepted by topic author sneb898

Okay... The problem was caused, because the EXE-Call parameters were processed after the MainForm_Load, so my current_user variable was still empty.

I set the
axApplicationMgr.GetEngine.CurrentUser = axApplicationMgr.GetEngine.GetUser(current_user)
now in the axApplicationMgr_ProcessUserCommandLineArguments(...) function and it works.

Thanks for your help.

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