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ApplicationMgr sequence file reloaded

I'm just starting development of OI. I don' have screenshot. But I don't see how it ccan help you to understand better.

I Believe that my request is enough clear...


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Hello maxmont,


This is an NI forum and because of that most of the users could be not familiar with C#
To make it more clear will be better to have some examples on how you want OI to look like.



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I'm not speaking about look and feel of a GUI.

My question is not related to C# specifically but to TestStand API.

I saw in SequenceFileViewManager an event fired when a sequence file has been modified :

This event is fired just before the sequence is reloaded.


I just want to know how I can be notified when the sequence file is reloaded.


Thanks in advance for your support


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I'm not sure off the top of my head, but did you check to see if reloading triggers an ApplicationMgr.DisplaySequenceFileEvent?


If not, you might be able to post a deferred call from ApplicationMgr.QueryReloadSequenceFile (.net Control.BeginInvoke is one option), but you would need to not return QueryReloadSequenceFile_Prompt from the event because that would trigger a dialog box whose event processing would allow the deferred call to execute before the user can choose whether to reload.

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