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Announcing the NI TestStand ATML Toolkit Beta 2017



I am pleased to announce that we plan to release the TestStand ATML Toolkit 2017 Beta this upcoming week! TestStand ATML Toolkit 2017 Beta includes a number of exciting new features.  Major enhancements in TestStand ATML Toolkit 2017 include:

  1. Compliance with ATML TD IEEE 1671.1-2017 (
  2. TestStand 64-bit Support
    • ATML Toolkit 2013 and earlier were only compatible with TestStand 32-bit
  3. Ability to disable automatic code generation
    • Action steps will be created from the ATML TD file with the “None” adapter option
    • Users can provide a custom code generator to use custom code modules
  4. Enhanced ATML Test Description Translator Configuration dialog has new features to support pointing schema location
    • Schema files are located in a separate tab with information about the schema’s location and namespace.

For those interested in the beta, please try out the previous version of ATML TD files and considerably large ATML TD files  with the ATML Toolkit. Note: that ATML Toolkit 2013 can still be used with TestStand 2013 and earlier.

To sign up for the NI TestStand ATML Toolkit 2017 Beta Program, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Beta Program resource center (, select TestStand ATML Toolkit 2017 from the list of software, and click Submit.
  2. Complete the beta application.  This information helps us to understand what features of TestStand ATML Toolkit are most important to our customers.  Please ensure that you read and accept the Terms and Conditions of the beta program so that you can be approved.
  3. After you submit your request, please be patient with us as we process your application. Once you are approved, navigate to the program resource center ( to access the Beta software. Determination of acceptance into the program is up to the sole discretion of National Instruments.


TestStand ATML Toolkit 2017 Beta Coordinator 
Automated Test Software R&D
National Instruments

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