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Adding VIs to sequence

I have a VI that all I want to do is have test stand execute it.

I Add Step->Action (using the LV adapter). Specify the module.

I run the sequence and I get the error:

An error occurred in the 'My Test' step of the 'MainSequence' sequence
in 'test.seq'.
LabVIEW : parameter Test Data not found in the VI's connector pane.
An error occurred accessing the LabVIEW ActiveX automation server.
Error Code: -18001

I have a test data indicator on the panel, I have a create test data
cluster in the diagram wired to the test data indicator.

If I specify module-> create the VI, I have no trouble...what is
causing this difficulty.

Anybody interested in being a compensated consult on this?


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This question was answered by Paul Mueller.
You can find the answer to this question by searchin on "Adding VIs to sequence"

Anand Jain
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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