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Adding Support for Other(SQLite) Database Management Systems

I need to log my test results in SQLite as it is open source(which Reduced application cost) and light in weight but NI does not provide support for it(as of now NI only support for SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access, Sybase, and MySQL).


I have gone through

but not able to integrate.

Any solution??


Thanks in advance.Smiley Happy 

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please go to this link and that's all, you find there your solution

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I am not familiar with SQLite so my comments is based on a quick search and could contain some faulty information, but i will give it a try anyway.

TestStand has to interface to the database through ODBC, alternally through another defined interface. SQLite is meant to be embedded into the application. But there exist ODBC drivers for SQLite. You may use google to search for it. (google: SQLite ODBC)

Do you really need an open source database, or do you only need a gratis database?
This page from 2014 says that TestStand comes with a  Microsoft Access database, i do not know what they mean or if it is still relevant, but have a look there:

There is a difference between an Microsoft Access database / Jet database (gratis) and Microsoft Access development system (pay). Your TestStand installation should have a tool "Database Viewer" which can be used to create an *.mdb file and populate it with the needed tables. I have Teststand 2012, but i assume "Database Viewer" is still with TestStand.

With SQLite ODBC you need to find out if it works, create all the tables and also create a suitable schema in TestStand. I do not know how much TestStand is prepared for a Microsoft Access / Jet database (mdb file), but it may be the simplest solution for you.

If you want more complex systems based on real database servers then Mysql is free. I also think Microsoft has some database servers which is gratis for small usage. I prefer and use  PostgreSQL , it is similar to Oracle, but TestStand Schemas need some minor adjustements.

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