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Adding Multiple Numeric Step Limits Edit Embedded UI to Custom Step

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 Hi all,

I know that you cannot embed a custom UI into the step menus, but can you attach the existing Multiple Numeric Limits Limits UI to a custom step? The picture below shows what I would like.


I took this picture from a test step that works as I would like it to, it gives me a custom configuration window, as well as the multiple NLT windows. However, I created this step by combining my custom step type with a multiple numeric test step, which is fine except I don't want to run the numeric limit tests. I will be using the limits to run my own NLTs in a sequence called by the step. I have tried to find how to just disable the "automatic" numeric limit tests but have not had any luck yet.

The other way I have tried to achieve this is not "Combining" my step with the mNLT step but trying to insert the mNLT edit panels into a normal custom step types properties, but that does not seem to prompt TestStand to render the panels when I drag the step type into a test step.

Let me know if I can clarify anything, any help is appreciated.



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All it took was posting to the forums to figure out a solution for myself... 

A multiple numeric limit test doesn't execute anything if there isn't anything in the Result.Measurement array. Using my custom step type that is combined with a multiple numeric step test step, at the end of my custom sequence I assign Runstate.Caller.Step.Result.Measurement to an empty array. No extra NLTs.

However, I would still be interested if anyone has implemented something similar in a different way.

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