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ActiveX Automation Error -2147023706



Im running Teststand 2010 SP1 on Windows XP. I'm using a custom process model to print out the report. However I get an intermittent error related to ActiveX Automation. Error pop up attached. Is this an issue with Teststand or ActiveX.


Any help greatly appreciated.




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Hi Anatine,


I hope you have resolved this error now. However, if you haven't I would like to direct you to another post on the forums with the same error: Forums- ActiveX Automation Error When Printing Report. This discussion links you to an example which you can take a look at.

Please also ensure you are using a supported browser such as Internet Internet Explorer versions 6 to 8, Active X isn't supported on Microsoft Edge (See the attached table).  


Do let me know if you have any questions.


Kind Regards, 


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HI Aboughton, 


This issue was resolved by reverting From Internet Explorer 8 to 6

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