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Action Step compared to Sequence Call

Hello All,


  Comparing the difference between Action Step and Sequence Call Step, and would like confirmation of my understanding.


An action step can call a code module or sequence, but by default, it only returns a status of done, because there is nothing in the Status Expression field of the properties tab.  However, you can establish your own criteria for returned status, because the field is editable.  Is this correct?


A sequence call step can call a code module or sequence, and will return any normal status, (done, skipped, passed, etc.) but you can not alter the conditions of the status because the Status Expression field is not editable (defaults to (Step.Result.Status == "Done" && (Step.TS.SData.ThreadOpt == 0 || Step.TS.SData.ThreadOpt == 3)) ? "Passed" : Step.Result.Status).  Is this correct?


Are these the only differences between the two steps, or am I missing something else that is important?  If this is correct, the Sequence Call step seems redundant.  


Any clarification would be appreciated.  Thanks.





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Unless I've forgotten something, you are correct that it is functionally redundant. However, it is very helpful for usability.



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