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Abort sequence and jump back to calling sequence

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How can abort the current sequence without cleanup and jump back to the main sequence?


I've a statement in the Setup section of my sequences. I've tried some expressions, but either the whole exection is cancelled (e.g. with RunState.Execution.Abort() or Terminate()) or it jumps to the CleanUp section. 

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The unwanted workaround would be to create a label at the end of the sequence and jump to it. But that is time-consuming with many sequences. A programmatic solution would be better.


Somehow a simple return from the sequence back into the main sequence should be possible.

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Nobody an idea? Is there not possibility to implement a simple return without cleanup?

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The steps in Cleanup run always despite sequence execution was terminated or not. However I remember a way of configuring it from station settings to skip cleanup upon abort. I'm curious why you want to have such option in subsequences? 

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