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-18004; An error occurred accessing the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine DLL.


I have this error when i want to get a VISA session refnum from a viSession handle.

This error occured when the specified class is IviFgen.

The device concerned is a PXI-5402/PXI-5412 (i need to get the model with a property node - Inherent IVI Attribute... from the refnum)

It also occured during a cast (if the class specified is niFgen).

Could somebody help me ?

Thanks !


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I'm using Teststand 4.2.1 + Labview 2009 sp1

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Hi Ggraindo,


This error occured during deployment? Which is the LabVIEW adapter version that you are trying to use, is it the 9.0.1? Do you have other LabVIEW or TestStand versions installed in your computer? This error only occured when you try to used the class IviFgen, or even just with a simple VI?

What is the result of the error cluster from LabVIEW?


Also, can you post a simple exemple to reproduce this issue?



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