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Many SW-Tool providers have realized that how comfortable it is for a programmeruser to work with dark backgrounds. Microsoft did it in 2013 for visual studio and now browser companies are doing the same. Unfortunately, I can Change background color of MAX and TestStand. This makes longer working painful for eyes.


An example of such a bakground is attached with the message.


Such a feature will improve ergonomics.


Thank you



Often working with Full Featured UI and Simple UI codes to create custom interfaces for TS, I noticed that the versions shipped with LV2012 are full of deprecated functions.

Also, most of their implementation go against good LV coding rules.


Re-writing them could be a great idea !


There is a LabVIEW Champion title... so why not a TestStand Champion title ?!

I think it would make a lot of sense !

Do you ever have too many custom data types, and it looks something like this


This just really sucks when you have 100's of data types to go through.  My list is currently 150 long.  That's a lot of clicking on that little arrow at the bottom.


How about something like this:




Go through and reorganize your types 

<< insert some whiz-bang graphical editor here that allows dragging/dropping of types into groups -- none of this "move up in list" "move down in list" stuff that we are doing now to move step types in/out of groups >>


Now when you go to insert a type, you see a tree structure and all your types are organized



This would be so much easier to find the type I want.