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Recently I am trying to customize process model and found somethig that may be useful for making fast process.

Here is the Idea.

Suppose I have ~20 sequence(Engine callback, Process model callback etc..). If i want to edit any one of this  sequence than I have to scroll down and select particular sequence. Moreover, sometime if two or three sequence has same initial name than I have to increase the length of sequence column and find sequence of my interest.

but what if teststand has ability that i just give initial character and teststand redirect selection to the sequence starting with same character(like in windows or Step Type in teststand)

  • Sequence Editor
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The current behavior of the Batch Synchronization options "One Thread Only (first thread executes step, remaining threads skip)" and "Serial (one thread at a time)" is that the threads wait at that step until all threads have gotten to that point before it executes using the selected behavior. It essentially has a rendezvous built into the step. There are many times when I want the first thread that encounters that step to perform the action immediately (and then continue, with other threads skipping that step) without waiting for the other threads to also get to that point in the test.


For example, I may have three threads running in the Batch model and when the first one gets to a certain point in the test I want it to perform some action (log activity, turn something on, etc.) that I only want to be done once. I can use the "One Thread Only" option, but this causes the test to pause until all of the threads have reached that point before it performs the action of the step (once). Additionally, the remaining threads also pause at that step until the first thread completes the activity. So the undesirable delay is twofold: the first thread doesn't run the step until the other threads have also reached that point, and the other threads now wait until that activity is completed before continuing.


It would be great to have the option to select how I want this to behave. If the rendezvous could be selectable then it would provide the desired functionality. I'm sure custom coding could create this effect somehow, but I don't see a straightforward way to have only one thread run a step (and others skip) without waiting for the other threads to arrive or the remaining threads to wait until the first completes. The "Serial" Batch Synchronization option can be implemented in a different way without major effort (using locks, rendezvous, etc.), but the "One Thread Only" with selectable rendezvous option is what is truly missing (and it may make sense to have it available for both).

  • Sequence Editor
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Currently in TestStand, for a Numeric Limit Test, the "Numeric Format" applies to both the measurement and the test limits.  I would like to be able to have different numeric formats for the test limits and the measurement.  For example, I might want my limits to be %.2f (e.g. 1.23-2.34) and my measurement to be %.3f (e.g. 1.345) so that I can demonstrate a certain measurement accuracy.


Pulido Technologies LLC

In TestStand you can create a comment in a variable, but that comment will be deleted even if the data type of the variable is changed. This does not make too much sense because it happens that the customer needs to change  the data type, and then he has to re-write the comment completely. This feedback comes straight from multiple customers and it makes sense that it should be so.


Thank you everybody. Best,



  • Sequence Editor
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This is the existing function:

returnvalue = AllOf(True,False,True)



But I need often this:

my_boolarray = {True,False,True}

returnvalue = AllOf(my_boolarray)

> Error: Expected Boolean, found Array of Booleans

  • Sequence Editor
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TortoiseSVN is an easy to use Source Code Control tool. However, it needs a MSSCC API plugin in order to be integrated with TestStand. On NI web page, PushOK is listed as a tested plugin with TortoiseSVN by NI tech team. PushOK is made by a Russian company. Another AgentSVN plugin is made by an Australia company. From an end user perspective, the time zone difference will cause some difficulty to access tech support in case it is needed. I used TamTamSVN 1.4.9 plugin for TortoiseSVN integration with TestStand and it worked fine. TamTamSVN plugin is made by an US company located near NYC area. I will suggest NI Tech team to test TamTamSVN plugin for TortoiseSVN integration with TestStand to ensure its features and functionality are acceptable to NI applications. If it pass the test, please add it into tested list. 

  • Sequence Editor
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For an easier debugging it would be good to have coloured lines for (nested) loops or the the possibility to hide the content on demand.

  • Sequence Editor

Adding XML file support to Property Loader will be easily to generate custom editor for final customer of TS sequence.



  • Sequence Editor
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Adding FOR function i.e. you could manipulate easily array in the expression, instead to include addition sw code.




  • Sequence Editor
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Adding Wait function i.e. you could insert a delay in case of "Looping" setting different from "none".



  • Sequence Editor

As it can be done in Expression Browser, it is very helpful if we can use Step Name instead of Unique ID with Precondition builder!


Precondition Builder Improvement.png


Can you specify Step ID.png

  • Sequence Editor

Currently, the step icon for a custom step type is defined statically:




 It would be nice if the step icon could also be specitied via expression.  This would allow step types where the step icon changes based on the configuration.  For example, the lock step could be made more intuitive:


Current static icon:



With dynamic icons:



To accomplish this currently, you need to update the icon for the step via the API in the edit substep, which is cumbersome and adds coupling between the edit substep code and the icon names.



I think it'd be good if the Requirements property (in step properties) would be able to recognise url like http:// https:// svn:// notes:// etc.


Then we could directly link the step to the requirement system which could save a lot of hassle with changes tracking.


For now it is a plain text only.





  • Sequence Editor

Sometimes it is useful to be able to search for instances of custom data types. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be a way to do this in TestStand.  It would be really nice if you could search for instances of types in the Types window or perhaps through the Find/Replace utility:





Expressions offer the following exponential and logarithmic functions:


   Exp()    -> Exponential (base e)

   Log()    -> Logarithm (base e)

   Log10()  -> Logarithm (base 10)


Computers always calculating digital. I have to handle binary values very often. Please add the following functions for calculating with binary values:


   Exp2()   -> Exponential (base 2)

   Log2()   -> Logarithm (base 2)


  • Sequence Editor
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Why the edit sequence file functionality is disabled during execution?


I think that developers should be able to edit the sequence file in sequence editor whilst the file is executing.

  • Sequence Editor

Would be great to have Local of type Image. Right now image is saved and retirved for analysis or convert to array to use in other steps.


Something similar like the idea ;

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Under TestStand Sequence Editor, a lot of IVI Class are not encapsulated in Steps Type.

It should be interesting to have IVI Step Type because the development and the maintains of a Hardware Abstraction Layer is complex and requires a lot of time.

Under Labview all IVI class are presents. Why not in TestStand?





Test Architect - Alstom Transport




As in the subject.


In the Call sequence step please make the list of sub-sequences to call (combo box) sortable.


Now, the list is not sorted an it is very difficult to find the sequence we need to call.





  • Sequence Editor
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For debugging pourposec I'd be good if developers can set "do not use this variabe during execution".

Then developers can set this flag on, on the variable which they suspect  is not in use during the execution.

If is in use then a message will be displayed.

  • Sequence Editor