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VeriStand Adapter

It would be nice to integrate VeriStand into TestStand with a VeriStand Adapter.


veristand adapter.png












This would make developing with TestStand and VeriStand much easier. The adapter would provide a lot of the VeriStand .Net api natively to testand:


- Deploy a system

- Set/Get Channel(s)

- Stimulus Profiles

- etc.


The adapter would be especially nice for integrating the new Stimulus Profiles in VeriStand 2011. It would allow for you to create the Stimulus Profile sequence and the Real-Time sequence. The Real-Time sequences would only be able to use a subset of TestStand steps, and would have to be different than a normal TestStand sequence because they are executed by the VeriStand engine, but the Stimulus Profile sequence could be a normal TestStand sequence.


The integration of the Stimulus Profiles would leverage a lot of features TestStand already has like source control, requirements, reporting, etc. Also, it would just give the user a much more intuitive experience when using the two together. Their test development would be centralized in TestStand instead of having to switch between the two different editors. It would also give better access to the parameters being passed into the Real-Time sequences at the TestStand level.


There are probably more benefits that could be realized by integrating TestStand and VeriStand, and this is a feature I would love to see as a user of both TestStand and VeriStand.

Jim Schwarrtz

Good idea Kevin, maybe in the near future we will see something

Active Participant
Status changed to: New
Active Participant

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What more would you expect to be provided by an adapter than something like the ASAM step types?