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Timed LabVIEW Message box without buttons

Recently I have had a number of customers ask me if there was a way to create a timed Message box that did not have buttons on it. Of course I told them that there wasn't any. Their requests did get me thinking and I can see that there are times when a timed message popup could be useful. Essentially it would just display a message and go away after a select period of time. I would love to see one. 




Perry S.

Applications Engineer
National Instruments
Trusted Enthusiast

This is already doable with the default TestStand message box.  You sure you're in the right forum here?

~Will work for kudos and/or BBQ~
Trusted Enthusiast

The TestStand MessagePopup step type has to have at least one button although it does have a timeout setting that can be activated.

Ray Farmer

I've recently run into a need to have something like this as well. We needed a message to appear to indicate to the user they needed to place their hands into the safety mechanisms that were being monitored by another thread. Once they place their hands into the safe zones, the test would continue. We accomplished this by simply having a short timeout and the message in a loop (checking the status of the mechanisms between loops), but that also makes the message continually appear, disappear (i.e. continually flicker). It also had a "cancel" button, but that was tough for the operator to "click" because it was constantly disappearing/reappearing with each itteration of the loop. The timeout feature worked, but required an additional button that didn't really serve any purpose and complicated the appearance of the dialog box.


Ideally, the timeout should be able to be enabled without a button needing to be present, and even better a button (or "timeout") should be able to be activated by the status of a variable (boolean).