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TestStand - Step Error - More info cannot be copied to clipboard

Status: New

When TestStand has a problem with a module, it provides a Red Exclamation mark to show detail on the problem. 

When you hove over the Red Exclamation mark, you get the details, sometimes with a file path to the detailed error log. 


Need a way to copy/paste the data from the details bubble. Better would be a hyperlink to the file location. 


Right now my workaround is: 

 - Screen capture while hovering over the red exclamation mark

 - Paste the screen capture in MS Paint

 - Re arrange the windows to show MS Paint & MS Explorer 

  - Navigate down file path to find the log file. 





Sr Test Engineer at American Innovations - LabVIEW CLA - Kudo's are appreciated!!
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Active Participant

Been there, done that. Current solution is ridiculous. 

Could be at least e.g. "Ctrl+ClickOnIcon" to copy this message to the clipboard or something like this.

Michał Bieńkowski
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