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TestStand Sequence Analyzer able to anlyze subset of a sequence file

Status: New

right now with TestStand Sequence Analyzer utility, it is limited to analyzing a whole sequence file at once (or as much of it as you analyze before you hit the stop button).

However, if I have a long sequence file this can take quite a while, and I don't really want to wait.

Add a feature where I can select areas to analyze and have sequence analyzer just analyze those areas (for example -- select a few (sub)sequences in my sequence file, or a few steps within a sequence).  This way I can limit the area of my analysis to where I know I made changes (or where I know my biggest problems are) and focus on those and not waste time analyzing everything else. 


Yes, I had same idea. This could be as easy as adding a "Right-click" to select and analyze a subsequence within a main or lines within a sequence.


Just spoke with NI support on this explained how this would be an intuitively correct feature to add.


I'm not sure if NI programmers are chomping at the bit to modify code, but this seems pretty straightforward easy and nothing to worry about except happy customers!

Active Participant

Yes! This is exactly how I use it 90% of the time.  I'm primarily interested in analyzing the sequence I'm working on and immediately sort by sequence. (Warren, good to meet you at the Summit back in September Smiley Wink


I am also looking for a feature like this.  Since this feature is not available I am changing my architecture so that each sequence, which is a test in my system, is its own sequence file.  Then I will be using the analyzer API to tell it what sequences to analyze.  It would be useful to be able to tell the analyzer what sequences to analyze in a sequence file.  It would be helpful if the input could be an array of sequences or a search expression that would analyze every sequence found in that search.  A blank or empty array would analyze the whole sequence file.