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Support for Creation of Enumerated Type Variables

Status: Completed

Find yourself placing a Sequence Call step and trying to determine the appropriate value to enter for a numeric parameter called "Direction"?  Tired of creating sequences with numeric parameters named like the following: "Direction_0_Up_1_Down_2_Left_3_Right"?


The solution is to support the creation of variables with enumerated type within TestStand.  Enums could be created as custom variables and then used as wherever a self-documenting variable is required.



Enum type creation:





As seen from a Sequence Call step to a subsequence that uses an Enum as a parameter: 




NI Employee (retired)
Status changed to: Completed

Kristen M

Automated Test Product Marketing Engineer
National Instruments

 I've created a Enum Type, but at the moment of use it as a parameter of a sequence, in the parameters of caller step the dropdownlist is not being displayed in the Value field. It's possible to force this parameter so show only the enumeration Items insteads use the function "f(x)" expresion?. As the second image of the initial idea is showing.


Since this is marked as Completed, which version of TestStand is it available in (or will be...)?




I can see this a completed. Was this idea implemented as the 2nd image of original proposed idea? 

Currently I am using Teststand 2016 and I am unable to show the drop down list in the parameters of the sequence call.



As shoown in the first post of the Blog. im not able to see ENum as an option. Can any one tell me. If it is because of some version difference or something. Im using LV 2014 and TestStand 2014.