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Put the X on the tab it goes with in the Sequence Editor.

The current placement creates confusion about what you’re actually closing out of when you click it. It makes me hesitate and wonder what I am about to close. 


If you click it when there are multiple files open, it just closes out of the tab on top. If you click it when there is only one file open, it closes out of the whole pane, including the Sequences and Variables windows.




It would eliminate any ambiguity if the X for each file were on the tab for that file and if there were a separate X for the pane, like you typically see in tabbed programs.


You could also just put an X next to the pin on each little window instead, like the X in the Step Settings pane and the Insertion Palette in the screenshot above. 

Active Participant

And while you are updating the tab behavior, how about this:

if you have lots of extra space, why not go ahead and let the tab size get larger so we can see the full file name?


Make tabs larger.png


Knight of NI

I say emulate the tabbing effect of a web browser.  That means (at least with FF) that each tab has its own X.

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Knight of NI

That same idea is also in the LabWindows/CVI Exchange.


Put the X on the tab it goes with

(Of course you know that since it was also your idea.)


Just to put a crosslink here so if someone sees one, they'll go kudo the other.

Trusted Enthusiast

I agree an 'x' on each tab would be nice. In the meantime, in case you aren't aware, in recent versions of TestStand (2013 at least and maybe 2012, I forget), you can middle-mouse click on a tab to close it (just like in most web browsers).




Thats really needed when we work with many sequences


I didn't even know there was an "X" over there. I have always done a right-click, close tab. I think this is a good idea though, it makes more sense to put an X on the tab than way on the side.

Active Participant

In web browsers I've accidently clicked on the 'x' and closed the tab when all I wanted to do was select it.  (Usually happens when I have two XML results files open and I am click back and forth to quickly see delta)

Any ideas to prevent this when concidering adding the 'x'?

Active Participant

Ctrl+W shortcut could do the job meanwhile NI implements it Smiley Happy