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LV Primitives in TS

Status: New

How cool would it be to sequence any LabVIEW VI in TestStand? I realize one could make a wrapper around any VI, but that adds not only a layer of complexity, but customization. I am a staunch follower of the KISS philosophy, and custom wrappers are not so simple; well, at least not as simple as no wrapper at all ; )


I'm not so shure about that.

After a short while you would end up not opening LV to program LV but to use TS as a LV editor... sounds weird.


Strongly agree, wrapper VIs add an extra layer of complexity that is wildly unnecessary.  I only write VIs when I have to and writing a VI to simply allow me to use another VI because I can't use primitives seems excessive.

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What sort of things are you wanting to call directly from TestStand?


Yesterday I wrote a wrapper around the 'Get File Size' primitive because I needed to get a file's size in TestStand (to automatically archive MDBs as they fill up) and I can't call Labview primitives.  This is just my most recent example, this comes up all the time.

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Strip Path and Build Path are the two I would likely use the most.

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I would much rather see those functions natively written in TS.  That way we don't have the overhead of calling LV code, and fighting issues of LV runtime engines, and getting LV VI.lib included as part of the deployment (it causes huge issues especailly if you are dealing with multiple possible runtime engines of different LV versions).



I run into this need on a constant basis. TestStand has come a long way and has quite a bit of functionality in it's own right, but it's still a sequencer at heart and needs outside code (VI's, DLL's, etc.) to perform many tasks. LabVIEW provides this capability, but when we have so much inherent and useful functions (VI's) in LabVIEW that cannot be accessed without creating a VI wrapper (around a single VI) to perform the EXACT SAME TASK it's just bewildering!


There are several posts on nearly this same topic, none of which (that I've found) has gotten a response from NI. It would be great to get an official response from NI on this!

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+1 for this.

Find myself having to wrap LV primitives just for the sake of it which creates additional code to maintain.

Some examples:

- Read/Write Spreadsheet file

- Array manipulation (e.g. reverse 1D array)

- Signal generation (e.g. to generate a ramp of test setpoints)

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Another common need is the Format into String as this supports SI units.