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Global Additional Results

Status: Declined

I'm declining this idea due to lack of community support.

The Additional Results Step property is a great way to add customized results to the TestStand report for a particular step without much effort required.  However, there should be an equally simple way to add additional results too all of the steps in a sequence.  The current options are all lacking:


  1. Create a SequenceFilePostStep engine callback to manually append results to the result list - this feels hacky
  2. Add additional results to each step - this is tedious
  3. Create custom step types - this is also tedious, as a new step type would be required for each step

I think there should be an additional results option available in either the report options or in the sequence file properties window or the report options window.  Configuring the results here would be identical to adding the additional result to every step in the sequence.


Potential implementation of button on report options window:



Additional results button launches a dialog:


Al B.
Staff Software Engineer - TestStand
NI Employee (retired)

You (mostly) can do this with Execution.AddExtraResult


This is how the process model gets limits recorded when they are not inside of Step.Result.

Active Participant
Status changed to: Declined

I'm declining this idea due to lack of community support.