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Folding editor for control flow

Status: New

It would be nice to be able to "fold" control flow blocks (like if - else -end, while - end etc.). Despite the vertical lines connecting the control flow steps on the same level, it is sometimes very hard to find where a long control block actually ends or what the condition for the "end" is you are currently looking at.


In such cases it would be helpful, if the entire control flow block could be hidden under its first line, tree-view like with a +/- icon to show/hide the interior of the block.





Active Participant

Missed this one and I've just posted to ask for collapsable sections - your suggestion would be part of the implementation so credit to you first.


// it takes almost no time to rate an answer Smiley Wink
Active Participant

Thank you for the credit.



Norbert K

I miss this feature since a long time and i need it, becaue my TestStandsSequences are very large with a lot of "If, then else, case, wihle" etc. It take a lot of time to follow the verttikal lines to find the correspondig Fow Control.




I miss this feature since a long time, too. With this feature, one could very quickly simply give an overview of the program.

As an addition to the folding option cut/copy/pasting collapsed sections would be beneficial.


Im interested in seeing this implemented.  It is a pretty obvious feature request that most Code Editors natively support and TestStand glaringly does not.


I would love to see this or something like it implemented.  We're prohibited from using subsequences for test steps at my company (due to reporting and how things appear in the GUI) and this would make 1000+ step sequences oh so much easier to navigate while developing.

Alternately, something like subsections/subgroups would work, where you could have a step type just for marking a collapsable subsection (that would behave like Setup/Main/Cleanup.)

The basic functionality is already in the UI (for Setup/Main/Cleanup,) extending it would make navigating large sequences much less painful.


Hi..I am using NI TestStand 2014.

I also need the same feature to fold Control Loops so that my sequence shall be easy to understand.

Is this feature implemented in NI TestStand 2014? If yes..can any body suggest how to do that?

Thanks in advance.



Active Participant

This would be very useful feature! Kudoes to this idea!