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Execution Object Property

Status: Declined

I'm declining this idea due to lack of community support.

This has to be an easy one, could you add a "EntryPoint" property to the execution object that would retrieve the execution entry point. This info is included in the Execution.DisplayName property but it is a little bit of a pain to trim/split the string to get the actual entry point name.




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I could see this being handy, because unlike 'RunState.Root.Runstate.Sequence.Name' a new property could report a blank string when you're not running with the model (or if you want to see what the menu-selection choice was, and not the actual entry point sequence name was)... But the basic expression isn't a time consuming thing to implement either.



Elaine R.
Active Participant
Status changed to: Declined

I'm declining this idea due to lack of community support.