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Easier way to skip Batch Report Generation in Batch Process Model

We in our company are done now several test systems where the best process model is Batch Model. Customers however does not want other reports than UUT report from each test socket. Simple skipping of batch report generation is not possible at the moment particularly now when plug-in structure has arrive for joy of us all. For me this wanted feature is late now because I manage to find out solution, with a great support of local NI team. Finally this feature of easy batch report disabling would serve future generations and today newbies. They will save hundres of hours when they don't have to use try&fail -method to skip those few meaningful steps but just make one selection in report options.

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To add some further details to this post.

At this moment when you go to the Report Options and select the Report File Path Tab, then you get the following screen.


As far as I have known you will always generate a Batch Report if you select Batch as Type of Model.

This means that you have to delete this Batch Report in the end. (if you want to use the default Batch Process Model with the default Result Processing Report Plugin)

An extra option to "not generate Model Specifc Report" would (for some customers/users) be useful.

PS: If I missed an available option, then please let me know.


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Thierry C - CLA, CTA - Senior R&D Engineer (Former Support Engineer) - National Instruments
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