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Dark theme (background) color for TestStand and MAX

Status: New


Many SW-Tool providers have realized that how comfortable it is for a programmeruser to work with dark backgrounds. Microsoft did it in 2013 for visual studio and now browser companies are doing the same. Unfortunately, I can Change background color of MAX and TestStand. This makes longer working painful for eyes.


An example of such a bakground is attached with the message.


Such a feature will improve ergonomics.


Thank you




Hello, today the same crave for Dark Mode came to me while working with TestStand 2020 and found existing solution that is good enough to compete with the upper one without the need to introduce 3rd party software.


Simply enable the Color filters shortcut ( and optionally select your preferred Color settings for the bars to recreate the results from the NegativeScreen app).


It's absolutely enough for me. I'm in love with that TestStand look...
It's time to #EngineerAmbitiously now!

Active Participant

TS2020, now with extra bleach!

I applaud the more contemporary UI, but oh so bright.

This is going to be an adjustment and I'm going to have to take breaks from staring at it.


Windows 10's Night Light (NI-Light!) feature helps. Normally I use that for late night development but I think I'm going to have to leave it on.