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Dark theme (background) color for TestStand and MAX

Status: New


Many SW-Tool providers have realized that how comfortable it is for a programmeruser to work with dark backgrounds. Microsoft did it in 2013 for visual studio and now browser companies are doing the same. Unfortunately, I can Change background color of MAX and TestStand. This makes longer working painful for eyes.


An example of such a bakground is attached with the message.


Such a feature will improve ergonomics.


Thank you




Absolutely. Sitting infront of this white display for 8-12 hours a day burns my eyes. This really seems like a no-brainer...


I would absolutely love to see this feature implemented. I have been working with TestStand almost all day everyday for the past few weeks and I'm definitely noticing the eyestrain at the end of each day.


Is there a way to give multiple kudos to this post ? 🙂

Dark mode is an important necessity (in terms of usability) as most of development environments already realized.


Yes, this is a great idea!  I would use it for sure.


It's incredible that it still not exist..


I often go back home with a headache at the end of the day because of the white screen.


And also, it would reduce the consumption of our screen 🌳

Knight of NI

What is a "screen tree" ?


It's not a "screen tree", I spoke about the screens of our computers but I added a tree picture in reference of ecology 🙂

Knight of NI

Are you claiming it is somehow an energy saver?


I really don't think a screen's power usage was affected at all by what color is displayed.  Because most screen power is used by the backlight, and only a smaller amount is used by the imaging mechanism.  But I wasn't sure so I googled it.  (Here is the first link I found:


Apparently there can be a difference, and it is pretty slight.  And it depends on the screen technology.  Much of what I saw said white was more efficient,  but like only 1/2 Watt.


I don't use TestStand, so I have no opinion on whether there should be an alternate dark mode.  That said, I think I prefer a lighter mode in most apps over dark.   So common things like Word, Excel, e-mail, and of course LabVIEW, I am accustomed to a white background, and I can't think of a case where I would ever want it dark.


On the other hand, AutoCAD, I find uncomfortable if it was a white background, so I use the black background.


But since I found this an interesting idea, and although I think the energy savings point is meaningless, I do think you have a valid concern if the white background gives you headaches.  (What kind of background do you use in other software?)   So I'll toss a vote your way.




I am not claiming this, but I thought so.


I found some articles that are claiming this but I have to admit that they give us partial information (what kind of screen for exemple).


According to google, the dark mode on  could reduce the consumption of OLED screens about 60%.


Thank you for your opinion, I think it's pretty constructive to debate around these points.


Something that should not be necessary but a workaround atm. I'm using to flip the screen colors via shortcut on longer TestStand sessions... not a solution I like but as long as there is no alternative...