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Create a configurable Model Callback list

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I create a model plugin and add some model callbacks to it.  Then I want to access those model callbacks from my client file.  I have to now add them to the process model so they show up in the list when I go to add callbacks.  I get that I can add it as a blue sequence and it will work   However, that is confusing to other developers if they don't know the plugin has the callback in it.  It is painful to change the process model every time I create a new plugin because the process model could be used on hundreds of machines whereas my plugin may only be needed for 1 or 2 machines.



Option 1: Show all callbacks from any plugins in the callback dialog list


Option 2: create a configurable list of model callbacks.  Basically add any sequence files marked as model to the list and it will show all the callbacks from the sequence files in the list to the client, unless it cannot find the file in any search directory.  Then it wouldn't show.


Option 3: From the add callback dialog allow the user to browse to a sequence file which contains model callbacks


I think adding this functionality will greatly help in making the plugins more abstracted from the process models.  Just saying.



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I totally agree that the current solution is confusing and it shows plugin coupling with the process model (and that should not be an attribute of a plugin). We have "ghost callbacks" in the process model and the only purpose of them is to show plugin callback in the "callbacks selection window" (or there is other purpose?). I like the solution #1. So, in the process model file "ghost callbacks" will not be shown anymore; then I would say If we have configured plugin instance, its callbacks should be shown in the "callbacks selection window".

Michał Bieńkowski

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