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Combo box Names and Values displayed like Enums and Rings for LabVIEW Adapter

Status: New

Hi!  Feature request that I hope is fairly simple to slide into the next rev.  It's incredibly frustrating that a Combo Box's values (for a control wired to the connector pane of a VI) aren't selectable like Enums and Rings in the LabVIEW Adapter.  Instead of seeing a drop down with selectable options, I have to open the VI, (open the control if it's a typedef), edit its values, then see what the values are, close that dialog out, close the VI, back to TestStand and put in the value.  This is all so I can just hard code a value.  This is crazy.  I tested this out in 2019 64-bit, btw, so maybe it's available in later versions, if so, please let me know.


Thanks for your time.